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Category: Health

We all have a story. This is dedicated to all the amazing humans that want to share their stories of inspiration, resilience, overcoming obstacles, life lessons in sports and anything else, all while living healthy, happy, purposeful lives, walking the talk and helping others in the process.

Episode 11 - Allison Tai

July 12, 2018

Welcome to Episode 11 of Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast.  Today's episode is an epic conversation with Allison Tai or on social media as Yo Mama So Fit.  Allison is another amazing, inspiring human who is not only an entreprenuer and owner of VANCITY OCR ninja gym in Vancouver, BC, she also has the most Toughest Mudder Podiums on the planet, more than any other man or woman, with 7.  7 podiums including 3 wins!  In the past six weeks or so, she has been in Australia where she competed and won the 2018 OCR World Championship Enduro 24 hr race and Australia's Toughest Mudder, came back to Vancouver and finished second in Toughest Mudder Whistler and then hopped a plane to Boston where she won Toughest Mudder East (40 miles)! I'm  exhausted just writing that! We talk about her accomlplishments in racing, being a mom, motivation, training, her battle with PTSD after a horrific bike accident and how she overcame all of those obstacles to race and continue to compete as an elite athlete!  Allison's website is http://vancityocr.com and you will hear how passionate she is about the gym and the kids and people that that train there, it's amazing! You can find her on social media as yo mama so fit and I know that you will be inspired after listening to my conversation with the amazing Allison Tai!    Thanks, Brad