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Category: Health

We all have a story. This is dedicated to all the amazing humans that want to share their stories of inspiration, resilience, overcoming obstacles, life lessons in sports and anything else, all while living healthy, happy, purposeful lives, walking the talk and helping others in the process.

Episode 14 - Eric Kussin “We’re all a little Crazy”

August 15, 2018

Welcome to Episode 14 from Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast!  today I had an amzing conversation with Eric Kussin, founder of, We're all a little "Crazy" - Movement To Break Mental Health Stigma.  

We’re All A Little “Crazy” is a 501c3 founded by 15-year professional sports executive, Eric Kussin, bringing together Athletes, Celebrities, and Expert Practitioners.  After a successful career that started at the NBA League Office, and led to senior management positions with a number of professional sports teams, Eric’s mental health took a sudden and rapid decline.

Due to unresolved personal life traumas he failed to appropriately address at a younger age – life experiences he was unaware were affecting his mental health – Eric developed a severe bout of PTSD, along with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This fall came essentially “out of nowhere” and left him almost permanently in bed, and with severe cognitive impairment, for just over two and a half years. Once he found a way to climb out of his abyss, he vowed to spend the rest of his life focused on changing the global conversation through mental health advocacy.

It wasn’t until he met practitioners who taught him methods to actually heal his body and central nervous system, that he began to improve and get his life back. He is determined to spread his message: that EVERYONE in the world is affected by life’s inevitable traumas and losses.

Join me and please share this conversation with Eric and learn more about how he, along with numerous celebrity, professional athletes, and influencers alliance members, including myself, are banding together to change the global discussion by sharing the #samehere message of inclusion.  And so much more.  Check out their website https://weareallalittlecrazy.org and follow on all social media outlets.  Thanks for listening and, by sharing this podcast, you might even help someone you don't know is struggling.  Enjoy! Brad