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We all have a story. This is dedicated to all the amazing humans that want to share their stories of inspiration, resilience, overcoming obstacles, life lessons in sports and anything else, all while living healthy, happy, purposeful lives, walking the talk and helping others in the process.

Episode 15 - Chris Duquemin

August 22, 2018

Welcome to Episode 15! Today I had a gamechanging conversation with "body engineer" and amazing human, Chris Duquemin.  Chris was a successful mechanical engineer for over 20 years and then, while struggling to find some relief from a shoulder injury, had an a-ha moment.  Using traditional therapy and a "band-aid" approach, Chris found that nothing was actually "fixing" his shoulder.  He was still in pain, so Chris sought out a non traditional therapist to help him truly heal.  The method was to find the "root cause" of his shoulder pain, which they discovered to be an old rib injury.  With the focus on the root cause, and not the symptoms, Chris' shoulder was pain free and he was back doing the things he loved doing!  Chris was hooked and saw an opportunity to use his mechanical engineering theories, to help people truly heal by finding the root causes of their pain and struggles bith physically and mentally.  Thus the "body engineer" was born!  In 2011 Chris open his own practice to help people find and treat the "root cause" so the body can truly begin to heal itself and then the traditional therapies can continue. He has helped numerous people in his practice and is now taking it globally. He is currently focusing on first responders and the Canadian Military, using his practice and hands on therapy to help with  Post Traumatic Stress and trauma.  You can find Chris at his clinic, in Jersey, which is a channel island off the coast of France., and to learn more or to contact Chris, click the link here: http://www.newvisiontherapy.co.uk

I hope you enjoy this conversation and please like, comment and share the podcast so that we can all help people together.  You may never know who's day or life you might help change. We are stronger together!   Thanks, Brad