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We all have a story. This is dedicated to all the amazing humans that want to share their stories of inspiration, resilience, overcoming obstacles, life lessons in sports and anything else, all while living healthy, happy, purposeful lives, walking the talk and helping others in the process.

Episode 9 - Gil Mendoza

June 22, 2018

Welcome to Episode 9 of Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast.  Warning! This episode has some language that might be offensive to some listeners.  Today, I had the honour of having an amazing conversation with a new friend of mine, Gil Mendoza.  We talk about his life growing up in Watts California, influenced by gang life, the only life he knew.  Until his dad wanted a better life for the family and moved to Lakewood California.  That's where his life changed and we talk about the one moment and one person that changed his life forever!  Gil used sports and football as an outlet, and the life lessons from sports and his experiences growing up in Watts, to raise an amazing successful family, coach football, get his masters degree despite having a learning disablity, join the army, serve in Europe, play baseball for the GI's, a contract offer from the Los Angeles Angels, more football, coaching university and high school football, still pounding the weights in the gym!  Believe it or not, we fit all this into 60 minutes and it's amazing!  Please enjoy share and leave a comment or ratiing on itunes!  It really helps.  One more thing, Gil is also excited about a book that his daughtes Jessica and Alana wrote " There's no Base Like Home" , that celebrsates teamwork, family and softball!  So please take a look on amazon and buy this book!  Enjoy the conversation.  Brad